We are proud and thrilled to share that one of our projects, MotorUp, has been selected to join the HKSTP CO-Ideation Program under the Education+ and Social Entrepreneurs Fund scheme

About Us

AIdEd Limited is a Hong Kong-based start-up co-founded by three students from The Education University of Hong Kong. AIdEd believes in the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to revolutionize education, with a strong emphasis on both technological advancements and the quality of education. One of our key projects, MotorUp, utilizes AI to enhance students' learning by improving their motor skills.

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Motor skills development is less addressed by parents and has gone worse among children during Covid. However, this development is associated with some executive functions which affect learning.


We provide a mobile app specifically designed for children, utilizing AI technology to recognize users' gestures. Our app seamlessly integrates gaming and educational elements, aiming to motivate children to participate in physical exercises while learning through interactive and enjoyable experiences.


Physical Exercises

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Our awesome features
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